A downloadable game for Windows

Play as Yang Tang daughter of the Chi keeper. Yin Wu has stolen the Red Chi and it is up to you to retrieve it useing the power of the Blue Chi. It will guide you. It will protect you. Best of all, it will help you kick ass.

XBOX and other game pad support plays awesome!
Advanced Enemy A.I.
Epic Boss Battles.
Stratigic Attacks and Stealth Element.
Fun cut scenes in Chinese with subtitles.

Top down Shoot-Em-Up with a kung fu theme. Controls GamePad Left analog stick. Tap (X)to use Blue Chi Kung Fu .Release (A) to fire Blue Chi Shurkien. Keyboard Left, Right, Up, Down, Diagonals by pressing up or down with left or right. Tap (A) to use Blue Chi Kung Fu. Release (S) to fire Blue Chi Shurkien.


TaoYangTang.exe (31 MB)